Nissan FCEV Will Be A Leaf?

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The Nissan Leaf is one of the earliest mass-market EVs to hit the modern market and this explains why the car is one of the most recognized vehicles here in the US. But being an early EV is not the only thing which the Leaf is hoping to be as the car is now being linked closely with FCEV makeover.

Nissan has made it clear that they will launch an FCEV in the near future but seeing that they are behind rivals Toyota and Honda, the carmaker has been looking at ways to hasten the release of a hydrogen-powered vehicle.

This brings us to the rumours that claims the Leaf will be used to run on an FCEV powertrain. The word is that the Leaf’s platform is already capable of supporting a hydrogen-fuelled setup and its established name can hand Nissan a sales advantage over the Mirai and the Clarity.

But of course, nothing is for certain at the moment and the rumours above should be taken with loads of salt. We can expect Nissan to clarify on the matter at a major auto show later this year.