Nissan Frontier: Tempting Mercedes X-Class To Come Stateside?

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class was launched last year and it received mixed reactions from the automotive community. Despite the numerous opinions on the X-Class, the vast majority agreed that the vehicle is nothing more than a business-driven decision instead of one that is made for pickup truck loyalists.

To keep it brief, the X-Class is largely based on the Nissan Navara – a European version of the Frontier. The engine, on the other hand, is sourced from Renault. The only Mercedes bits on the X-Class is with the design, refined performance and interior styling, thus explaining why many felt that the vehicle is made for badge-buyers.

If that is truly the case, then Mercedes must feel really tempted to launch the X-Class here in the US right now because the Frontier is suddenly showing sharp growth on the sales front.

As of March last month, the Frontier has achieved 61.7% more sales in YTD than how it was over the same period in 2016. This is a massive improvement on the sales front although still far behind the numbers achieved by the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado.

Even so, the sales improvement must have caught Mercedes’ attention and the German luxury brand could be tempted into bringing the X-Class over. The local market has always been warm towards the three-pointed star and while the crowd may be critical on pickup trucks, there is a large number of badge-buyers which Mercedes can tap on.

To sum it all up, there is potential for the X-Class to achieve respectable sales here in the US and this is especially since the Frontier is able to do reasonably well. Hence, we won’t be surprised if Mercedes is to announce on the X-Class for the US in the very near future.