Nissan Frontier Won’t Tempt Toyota Tacoma Into Downgrading

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It is official. Nissan has made it clear that they will be launching a new base trim for the Frontier and it will be one that retails at $19,000. This particular trim is made for those who wants a no-nonsense work-truck – something like what Toyota is offering through the Hilux in the global market.

With such a comparison, some rumours have been claiming that Toyota will respond to the new base Frontier with a $19,000 version of the Tacoma but we don’t think that will happen at all.

This is simply because a pure work truck without comfort and great off-road ability isn’t what Americans want. Furthermore, the Tacoma is the bestselling midsized pickup truck in the market today so there is no actual need to chase volume at the cost of profit margin through a new base model.

In short, we don’t expect to see the Tacoma downgrading to its core basics at all to match the Frontier’s offering. We will be surprised if Toyota actually does that.