Nissan GT-R: Dummy Text Signals Next-Gen Delight!

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It has been more than ten years since Nissan introduced the GT-R and fans of the sports car are expecting a new generation model to come out soon.

Well, this may just happen soon if Nissan’s website is to be referred to. The Nissan GT-R’s US webpage now comes with dummy text that reads Lorem Ipsum Dolor.

This is phrase defines a filler and it is commonly used to indicate an exciting new product in the horizon. If that is to mean anything, Nissan has commenced development of the next-gen GT-R and we may start hearing official stuffs about the vehicle soon.

The current GT-R has already made its mark in the performance scene but it can’t last forever. The competition has caught up to the car hence a new GT-R is needed to restore the moniker to glory.