Nissan GT-R Final Facelift: Concept vs Original!

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What is there not to like about the Nissan GT-R? The latest facelift model came out with more power to offer and it also features a slightly tweaked design.

The thing is that we don’t think Nissan has done enough on the design front for the GT-R Final Facelift. The most noticeable change on the new GT-R is the V-Motion grille that is borrowed from the Maxima. For Nissan, they feel that the GT-R is perfect hence the limited design changes.

As much as we would like to agree, we now believe that the GT-R can still look a lot better than it already is. Our perception changed upon stumbling on the fan-made GT-R Concept.

Like how it is pictured above, the concept offers a neater yet sportier GT-R Final Facelift. It is developed by INDAV Design and we really like it. So which do you prefer – the fan-made concept or the original?