Nissan GT-R: One More Official Makeover On The Cards?

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About a year ago, Nissan launched what they claimed to be the final update for the long-serving GT-R. The vehicle is called the GT-R NISMO and its description suggests that the next time Nissan speaks of the GT-R, it will be in regards to a new-generation model.

Well, that is apparently wrong because Nissan may have changed their mind based on pushing for a new GT-R. Their latest comment on Autech greatly suggests that there will still be one more makeover for the current GT-R and it will be focussed on luxuries.

Like how NISMO has served Nissan by optimizing its line-up for performance, Autech helps add in refinements and luxuries to Nissan’s production vehicles.

A GT-R Autech will focus more on driving comfort and smoothness instead of raw power like how it is offered by NISMO. But of course, there is still no confirmation on the GT-R Autech’s development and we sure hope Nissan skips it for a new generation GT-R.