Nissan GT-R Pays Tribute To Hong Kong Enthusiasts!

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What is there not to like about the Nissan GT-R? For a car with plenty of power to offer, the GT-R is cheaper than its rivals and it has beaten some of the finest supercars around. If there is one thing the GT-R needs, it is a new-generation model but that isn’t looking like happening at all.

Nissan has got other plans to focus on like building more crossovers and more green cars. However, you should not mistake these so-called boring plans as an indication on the lack of love from Nissan towards the GT-R.

The Japanese carmaker showed to the world how much they love the GT-R by releasing a tribute-themed commercial for fans living in Hong Kong. The clip basically saw a young boy appreciating the old R33 before moving forward in time to see a man appreciating the R35.