Nissan GT-R Physically Destroyed By Leaf!

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It has been about 10 years since Nissan launched the GT-R and we can’t recall a moment where the car got consumed in a blaze that is caused by a production defect.

This is a pretty great accomplishment for Nissan because supercars are prone to catching fire and the GT-R looks like it is immune from such happenings. Well, that is until today when a GT-R turned into an inferno during a drive on a local road.

The GT-R (pictured above) is said to be in perfect condition and it got destroyed in a fire that is caused by the leaves on the roads. Yes, you read that right. It may sound absurd but the reports are all claiming that the leaves on the road got stuck on the brakes which resulted in a fire.

As much as we would love to joke about how a Leaf destroyed a Nissan GT-R (noticed the pun?), seeing a supercar destroyed is always painful to watch. We are sceptical on the cause of the fire, however, as the GT-R was not in stock form at all.