Nissan GT-R Schools Acura NSX On How GT3 Is Done!

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Back at the start of 2017, Acura brought out a slightly more insane version of the NSX and it is called the NSX GT3. While still viewed as a concept idea, the GT3 represents an NSX that is without all the tech gimmicks and the dead weights.

You can say that it is a stripped out, more basic version of the supercar from Honda and Acura says that the weight loss can aid in acquiring a much better performance. The only downside to this is that Acura once teased the GT3 to be an upgrade for performance enthusiasts and the term upgrade often leads to a raised priced.

Today, something similar is going on in Nissan’s camp and it involves the GT-R. Just when we thought Nissan has wrapped up the current generation GT-R with the NISMO variant, the carmaker announced on the GT-R Pure that will come out in the near future.

The word Pure perfectly defines this upcoming GT-R because the car is planned to come out without all the tech gimmicks and dead weights like the Acura NSX GT3. The lighter outcome will see the GT-R offering raw power that will demand a skilful driver to be behind the wheels.

But unlike the Acura NSX GT3, Nissan has got the support of the auto community. The praises were out when Nissan shared that the Pure will be considerably cheaper than the standard model. More details on the GT-R Pure will surface at the next LA Auto Show later this month.