Nissan Has A Clever Way To Clear The Old Leaf From Its Inventory!

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It is no secret that Nissan is developing the next-gen Leaf but that is not stopping them from selling the existing, aging model. The current Leaf is still widely promoted by Nissan and their latest marketing campaign is seeing a big incline in the EV car’s sales.

Over in Canada, Nissan is offloading the Leaf in bulks cleverly through a dealer owned by Gabriel Jean-Talon. It all started off when a Leaf fanatic, Bruno Marcoux, showed his passion for the car online before recruiting people that share the same desire to own the Leaf.

The group then headed down to the dealer in Canada to make a bulk purchase of the Leaf. Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, the dealer is capable of offering big discounts for the car. On top of that, there is also the government rebates that are offered with green cars.

With every variable combined, each individual in the group was able to own a Leaf from as little as $12,000. The sales woke Nissan up and they are now hoping to replicate the same bulk order worldwide. That should accelerate the Leaf’s clearance before launching the next-gen model.