Nissan IDX Beats Buick Avista: Is This A Sign?

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So 2016 has come to a close and it ended with a lot of polls being conducted on auto enthusiasts through the internet. Today, we came across one poll that questions the crowd on a concept car that deserves to get developed.

The options available are the Nissan IDX, Buick Avista, Chrysler ME-412, Cadillac Cien, Cadillac Elmiraj, Volkswagen W12, Mazda RX-Vision and the Volkswagen Naldo.

We initially thought that it was going to be a heated contest between the Avista and the RX-Vision but to our surprise, the winner is with the IDX. Out of 443,219 voters, a whopping 39% of them picked the IDX over the other options.

The Avista came in second with 32% of the votes and the RX-Vision finished at third with 24% of the votes. If the poll is going to get passed around the carmakers, perhaps it may convince Nissan to hasten the development of the IDX.