Nissan In Shocking Decline, Outdated Line-Up Takes The Blame!

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Nissan is currently going through a sharp sales decline and April’s sales data has confirmed that the company has struck a new low. It was revealed by Nissan yesterday that April sales have declined by a whopping 29.1% and this is massive for a large volume car manufacturer.

If that is not bad enough, their hot-selling models like the Rogue and the Altima have suffered a steep drop in sales. The only positives for April is with the Leaf, which recorded a 10.2% YTY sales gain although the YTD numbers are still weak at -14.6%. So, what could be the problem for Nissan?

The fault goes to the carmaker’s poor decision making, sluggish pace of upgrades and lack of competitive attitude. If you are to check out Nissan’s current active line-up, a large portion of the vehicles are pretty much outdated.

Some examples include the Titan which is still largely based on the model from 2003 and the Sentra which was unable to compete with its rivals since it debuted in 2013. It’s an awful line-up to look at as consumers are now aware of the lacking excitement with Nissan.

The carmaker will need to buck up by pushing out more new vehicles or risk riding the free-fall on the sales front.