Nissan Juke Shows Its Fun Side With Extreme Rally Ability!

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The Nissan Juke is a quirky and artistic crossover which you will either love or hate but that is all there is with the vehicle. When it comes to performance, the Juke is pretty much average although it showed some glimpse of excitement through the NISMO trim.

Today, our perception on the Juke has changed as we have witnessed a video that shows how you can bring out the hidden performance on the vehicle. A Juke owner made several adjustments to the crossover and it resulted in the Juke becoming a fully-capable rally vehicle.

The Juke in the video wears new suspensions and is also equipped with a roll cage. The result is a Juke that can handle really well on the gravel roads and it can even burst into speed swiftly. Just check out the video below for a better idea on this.