Nissan Kicks Confirmed, Kicks Enthusiasts In The Nuts

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Being a fan of driving and Nissan can be really difficult and this is due to the carmaker’s lack of interest to cater to the driving enthusiasts. Any enthusiasts would love to see a brand new GT-R, Z-car or a more interesting everyday vehicle but Nissan is just uninterested in them.

So when Nissan pulled the curtains off their mystery vehicle at LA today, the online car enthusiasts can’t help but to jeer at both the vehicle and its maker. This is because the vehicle unveiled is the Kicks.

The Kicks is a crossover that has been introduced in several regions and it is slightly smaller than the Rogue. Nissan has revealed that the Kicks will have 125hp to offer and it will work with a CVT.

This setup is the ultimate reason why drivers are losing interest in Nissan because there is nothing about 125hp, crossovers and CVT. Just when we thought the Rogue is not enough, Nissan brought along the Kicks and this comes at the cost of the Juke.

Now, we do love the Juke’s design. Although its performance is debatable, we would gladly support the Juke than the Kicks. The Kicks is just too painful to swallow and it feels like Nissan has kicked us in the nuts.