Nissan ‘Kicks’ Excitement From Their Exhibition!

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How many crossovers and SUVs do a carmaker need before they can come out and say enough? This is a question that we desperately want answered – especially by Nissan.

Since launching the Z-cars and the GT-R, we have always looked up to Nissan as the most exciting brand from Japan but the last couple of years have made us regret loving the carmaker.

In that span of time, Nissan brought out a number of crossovers and SUVs. To make things worse, the recent LA Auto Show saw Nissan’s exhibition being dominated by crossovers as the likes of Rogue and Kicks became the highlight of the event for Nissan.

This is hugely disappointing because we were really hoping for Nissan to talk about the next-gen Z-car and the next-gen GT-R. Instead, Nissan brought out the Kicks as the big surprise coming to the US.

The Kicks will get slotted below the Rogue once it goes on sale and the vehicle will be competing with the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3. So what could be next from Nissan, a Kicks NISMO?