Nissan Leaf Ad Openly Provokes Tesla Model 3

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The Nissan Leaf is in a pretty bad shape right now and it is desperate for a new-gen model. The car might be among the mainstream pioneers in EV technology but the mechanism it is running on is starting to show its age.

Just recently, the Leaf was named as the car with the worst resale value right now. The vehicle is also falling behind the pecking other in terms of features, design and driving range. Even Nissan knows that once Tesla releases the Model 3, it will threaten the Leaf’s existence.

However, instead of talking about the next-gen Leaf, Nissan continues to promote the current generation model. Their latest web advert went as far as claiming that the Leaf is a readily available EV car. Nissan added that there is no need to deposit on a vehicle that is still early in development.

Obviously, Nissan is provoking the Tesla Model 3. You can see the details in the image above. Perhaps, someone should have told Nissan that the bigger priority is not to provoke rivals but to upgrade on the Leaf’s offerings by a big margin.