Nissan Leaf Advert Goes Against Tesla Model 3 Hype

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Is the Tesla Model 3 overhyped? Is it getting more attention than it actually deserves? Some may agree, some may not – but there’s no denying that the automaker has a lot of buyers to fulfill, that to reliably keeping up the Model 3 demand would be its biggest challenge yet.

Beyond that, Tesla fans are touting the growth of its vast Supercharger network and gradual improvements of the Autopilot system as reasons why the likes of the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf wouldn’t hold a candle to the Model 3.

While that’s difficult to deny, Nissan has offered an alternative view to the whole EV debate, choosing instead to focus on how it could offer relief and support during times of need in the potential circumstances of natural disasters.

In the event of calamities which result in electricity cut-offs, the Nissan Leaf can act as a backup power source for homes or relief centers. And while gas stations would be crowded during emergency situations, Leaf owners benefit from avoiding the need to jostle with others for fuel pumps.

When the electric hatch adopts a 60kWh battery for 2018, it would be especially useful as 30kWh would only be sufficient to power a home for a day or two. This aspect of the Leaf isn’t exactly going to give it the upper hand against the Model 3, but it’s a breath of fresh air from all the Tesla hype that’s been dominating the media.