Nissan Leaf Being Held Back By Missing Core Feature!

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Nissan brought out the new generation Leaf very recently ago but it never managed to turn into a craze in the market. This is due to the fact that the model which was released is the Leaf in its basic form instead of one that can rival the Tesla Model 3 or the Chevrolet Bolt.

It gets worse when you realized that the new Leaf is still lacking a core feature for EVs. It is an active cooling technology that is applied on the battery to slow-down degradation. While there may still be insufficient battery data to strengthen the need for coolants, it is common belief that battery degrades a lot faster when always operating at high-heat.

This probably explains why the new Leaf has shown little progress on the monthly sales figure hence pushing the car further behind the Model 3 and the Bolt. It doesn’t help it when independent researchers confirmed that that Leaf has the worst battery life-span around.

But all is not lost for those that are truly sold on the Leaf. If you’re among them, you can look forward to greeting the higher-end Leaf that features a 60kWh battery next year.

The bigger battery will grant the Leaf greater driving range and it will also come with an active cooling technology. Perhaps, we will then get to see a more accurate measurement on how well the Leaf is selling in the presence of the Model 3 and the Bolt.