Nissan Leaf Calls Out EV SUV To Combat Loneliness

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Within the next 4 years, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance will be launching 12 new electric cars and a whopping 6 of them will be badged as Nissan alone.

The confirmation on this was made earlier today by Nissan when they revealed that their next major plan is to pass around the established EV setup on the Leaf onto newer vehicles. Nissan also mentioned that not all 6 EVs which they plan to produce in the near future will be made for the US.

This is due to the fact that some units will be made as a budget EV for emerging markets. The official numbers are not out yet and neither are the details but we can expect at least one new EV to accompany the Leaf here in the US.

Seeing that Nissan is obsessed with trendy crossovers and SUVs, it is perhaps right to assume that the next major EV to get sold alongside the Leaf is going to be an SUV. We can expect Nissan to clarify on this between now and next year.