Nissan Leaf: Depreciating Faster Than The Stock Market Crash!

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The Nissan Leaf might be one of the bestselling EV cars in the world but when it comes to resale value, the vehicle is the worst. It is so bad that even gasoline-powered cars are able to retain better value than the Leaf.

In detail, the Leaf that is about a year old on the roads can only retain about 52% of its initial value. This is so bad that it is much better to purchase a used Leaf instead of banking in on a brand new model.

There is simply no way to explain the Leaf’s poor valuation but many blamed it on Nissan for being slow when it comes to updating the vehicle. Rival EV/Hybrid cars have already took a step forward with a new generation model but not the Leaf.

So if you are the sort of consumer that is very particular about resale value, then you should avoid the Leaf at all cost.

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  1. Bill

    January 4, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    New Leaf buyers in the U.S. get a $7,500 tax credit, plus state incentives. That reduces the actual price paid significantly. But, used Leafs seem to be very cheap.