Nissan Leaf: EV Won’t Work Well With NISMO?

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What you’re looking at above is a teaser of Nissan’s vision for a sporty Leaf. The popular EV may serve as a great economy daily driver but it is far from impressive on the performance front.

Despite Tesla having proven that EVs can go fast with the right software and tuning, several reports are claiming that Nissan is not going to rely on pure electricity to power the Leaf NISMO.

The word is that the Leaf NISMO will ditch the pure EV setup in favour of FCEV – a technology that has yet to feature a sporty performance. This claim was made based on Nissan’s recent comments on FCEV which saw them quoting the technology to be the real alternative to gasoline.

Nissan further confirmed that they are have joined Toyota and Honda in the path to develop more feasible FCEV powertrain and they will want to leap ahead of the competition with a performance-tuned unit.

Hydrogen-powered mills are something very new in the automotive scene hence we can’t imagine how a Leaf NISMO with FCEV can perform when tuned to go fast. But then again, there is still no telling if the Leaf NISMO will truly ditch a traditional EV setup.