Nissan Leaf Is Tired Of Model 3 Craze

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It has finally happened. Nissan has snapped in rage after hearing non-stop praises on the upcoming Tesla Model 3 – an EV car that is not even finalized yet.

The frustrated Nissan took it to their marketing department and this led to a new web ad which you can see above. The message on the ad needs no confirmation that it is targeting at the Tesla Model 3 and fans of the upcoming vehicle.

Nissan raised a strong point when they questioned the green intentions of consumers on why wait for the Model 3 when there is already a proven EV car available today – the Leaf.

It makes a lot of sense and the ad basically prove that most of the Model 3 buyers are more interested in getting the ‘best’ affordable EV car rather than jumping on the EV train with an aging vehicle. It is never just about going green.

We know that Nissan realizes this but why are they not working harder to upgrade the Leaf? Nissan can pinpoint the problem with loving the Model 3 all they want but if they really intend to conquer the green market, they need to really produce a new generation Leaf.