Nissan Leaf: Lashing Out At Tesla Model 3 Is Paying Off!

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It does not take a genius to realize that the Nissan Leaf is running on aging specs and it is fast losing out to competitors in the EV market.

It is very obvious that Nissan needs to produce a new generation Leaf and one that can cover more than 200 miles but they have yet to mention anything about it. Strange enough, Nissan did the exact opposite as they decided to go overboard when promoting the Leaf.

Their latest web ad, pictured above, saw them blasting the Tesla Model 3 for gaining hundreds and thousands of pre-orders despite having nothing to show. This has left Nissan frustrated and they even questioned the consumers on their integrity to go green. The carmaker pointed out that the Leaf is a proven EV car and green-goers should not wait if they truly want to go green.

At first, we thought that such a remark in an ad wouldn’t work well for them but surprisingly, it did. Q4 2016 saw the Leaf jumping up the charts in sales and it did so even when Chevrolet has released the 200-mile Bolt EV. Well, good for Nissan but can we please have the next-gen Leaf already.