Nissan Leaf Latest Promo Bad Mouthing Tesla Model 3?

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In case you are wondering what the picture above is, it is the latest web advertisement from Nissan used to promote the Leaf. For use, we see it as something controversial because Nissan is more focussed on promoting the aging Leaf instead of talking about the next-gen model.

To make matters a whole lot tenser, Nissan somehow provokes the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The ad says it all when it says that consumers should settle for the Leaf if they truly want EV instead of waiting for an unproven car that is barely in development.

Of course, we may be guilty of interpreting the advert wrong but the chances of that happening is extremely low. Everything about the ad is obviously hitting out on the Tesla Model 3.

Our idea is for someone to remind Nissan that the EV market is moving to 200 miles of driving range. This is something that the current Leaf can’t offer hence Nissan should focus on upgrading the car instead of ‘bad mouthing’ its future rivals.