Nissan Leaf Milestone Overrun By Model S, Model X

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Nissan is proud of the fact that they have sold more Leafs than the EV cars from Tesla Motors. This cannot be helped as the Leaf is one of the earliest mainstream EV vehicles to hit the market.

The Leaf was launched back in 2011 and its affordable price tag made it easy for Nissan too sell the vehicle. Despite being threatened by the arrival of the Model S and Model X, the Leaf continues to sell at a decent pace, even if it can’t offer more than 200 miles of driving range.

Last week, Nissan threw another party to celebrate a new milestone which they have achieved through the Leaf. Nissan revealed that their data has confirmed the Leaf has completed 2 billion electric miles.

Well, someone should give Nissan a wake-up call because this is not good enough when compared to Tesla Motors. Nissan should know that the cars from Tesla have clocked over 3 billion electric miles and this is despite of having smaller volume.

It is clear that range matters in the world of EVs and the Leaf won’t last long if it can’t get pass the 130-mile mark. A new Leaf is clearly needed so that Nissan can continue to become a leading brand in the EV industry.