Nissan Leaf Minor Slide Still Scares Chevrolet Bolt

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We have to say that the Nissan Leaf is such an amazing car and this is due it having the ability to leave us jaw-dropping on a monthly basis. The Leaf can be said as one of the pioneers in the US mainstream EV market but despite of its age, the car is still selling respectably well.

The April 2017 figures saw the Nissan Leaf experiencing a slide which brings the figures down to 1,063 from 1,478 in the previous month. However, it is not something worth being worried about since achieving more than 1,000 units sold at its age is an impressive feat from the Leaf.

The slide in sales also meant that the Chevrolet Bolt has finally overtaken the Leaf on the 2017 sales charts but the difference is still very small. The overall 2017 sales figures put the Bolt ahead of the Leaf by only 34 units.

We still find this hard to believe, especially when the Bolt has got twice more EV miles to offer than the Leaf. The Bolt is also cheaper than the Leaf if valued on price-per-EV-mile. Hence, it is perhaps right to say that the Bolt is really afraid of the Leaf, especially when knowing that a new-gen Leaf is nearing its debut.