Nissan Leaf NISMO Allegedly Ditching EVs For Hydrogen!

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Electric cars can perform as good as normal cars and this has been proven by the EVs from Tesla. Aside from just offering a massive driving range, Tesla has shown to the world that the electric powertrain can develop a performance that can rival a supercar.

With that in mind, it greatly explains why many are excited to see what the upcoming Nissan Leaf NISMO will have to offer. The vehicle was teased to be in development last year and it is described to be the most track-capable green car yet.

But then again, new reports are claiming that the Leaf NISMO won’t have a hybrid or EV setup. The word is that Nissan wants the car to rely on FCEV instead and the popularity of the NISMO moniker will push the company ahead of every other carmaker in FCEV offerings.

Nissan has yet to officially confirm on this hence you should take it with a grain of salt. But come to think of it, the outcome will make complete sense because Nissan once said that they want to rollout more FCEVs by 2020.

Rivals Honda and Toyota share the same goal hence the Leaf NISMO could be that game-changer for Nissan in the market of hydrogen-fuelled cars. Will it happen though?