Nissan Leaf Pours Cold Water On Tesla Model 3 Hype

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Some may say that Nissan has lost the will to fight due to the lack of attention given to their performance cars but this is actually not accurate at all. Nissan still got plenty of fight to offer but their focus is in the green department.

As it stands right now, Nissan is spicing the EV industry up by announcing on the development of the next-gen Leaf. For the carmaker, they want the Leaf to offer more than 200 miles of driving range and the car must also come with autonomous technology.

Nissan ProPilot system is tipped to be the biggest rival to the Tesla Autopilot system hence Nissan wants it to be perfect. These past few weeks have seen Nissan testing out the ProPilot system in the unforgiving roads of London and the carmaker admits that if they can handle London, it would imply that ProPilot is a lot better than Autopilot

Nissan said this because the London traffic is filled with high density pace changers. There are a lot of zebra crossings, roundabout and of course the different nature of drivers in narrow streets. Despite the big challenge in London, Nissan is confident that ProPilot will be able to handle it well.

At this rate, the Leaf may just steal away the crowd from the upcoming Tesla Model 3 if it can deliver an autonomous system like no other. Autopilot may have been a proven winner but it only works well here in the US. Nissan can take the outside-in-route by conquering the global market before approaching the US.