Nissan Leaf Raises Green Concern Against Tesla Model 3

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The picture above is a cropped screenshot of a new advert from Nissan. If you are to observe the picture, you will Nissan promoting the Leaf while also provoking the Tesla Model 3.

Nissan raised a very strong point to consumers that wants to go green by questioning them about the wait for the Tesla Model 3. Nissan asked why should you wait for a car that is in development and offer no promise to when it will get released when there is a fully capable EV car available.

In other words, why wait when you can go green today? The Leaf is already available for purchase and it is capable of returning slightly above 100 miles of driving range which is good enough for city needs.

It is a good question from Nissan and the obvious answer for it is that we want 200 miles and a hotter looking EV car. It is clear that the love for the Tesla Model 3 is not just to go green but to get the best vehicle in the market.

So unless Nissan can offer a more attractive Leaf, the green wishers will choose to wait for the Model 3.