Nissan Leaf: Sales Overshadowing Huge Flaw

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We can all agree that the Nissan Leaf is an old EV car and it desperately need a successor but despite that fact, the car is still achieving decent sales figures. We are not sure if it is Nissan’s marketing team that is doing a great job in promoting the Leaf but the sales results are there to see.

We are shocked by this, especially when knowing that buying a Nissan Leaf is like paying for a car that can last you up to 8 years max with no opportunity of milking some cash from resale value. As good as the Leaf is, the car has one huge flaw which is a Battery Thermal Management System.

Without the feature, the Leaf will experience rapid battery capacity loss. In addition to that, the Leaf can fail to work entirely in non-compatible climates like in Arizona. This basically means that the Leaf is likely to be completely useless after about 8 years on the road.

The good news here is that Nissan has confirmed on the development of the next-gen Leaf and it is likely for the car to come with a highly intelligent battery management system. The details are not out yet but we can look forward to hearing more about it later this year.