Nissan Leaf Seizes Consecutive Win Over Tesla Model S

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The EV market is still pretty limited today despite having way more options to choose from as compared to previous years. We say this because consumers are still purchasing the Nissan Leaf.

The latter is one of the earliest mainstream EV cars to hit the market and it is running on aging technologies. The surprising thing here is that many are still opting for the Leaf instead of newer or better models, namely the Tesla Model S.

This is proven yet again when the Leaf accomplished more sales than the Model S. A total of 1,457 units of the Leaf were sold last month and this is more than the BMW i3, Kia Soul, Toyota Prius Prime and the Tesla Model S.

If this is to mean anything, it is screaming the fact that consumers are desperate for an affordable EV car. Prices for green vehicles are not standardized yet as EV cars are retailing like a base luxury gasoline vehicle. This is where the Leaf has the advantage as it retails under the $30,000 mark.