Nissan Leaf Shoved Aside By Volkswagen

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The Nissan Leaf may be considered by many as the pioneer in the EV market but that does not grant it the title of the best EV car in the world. We say this because things have actually gone from bad to worse for the aging Leaf.

Aside from the fact that they are deprived of a new-gen model, the Nissan Leaf is no longer up to par with what rival vehicles are offering and this is making the car less attractive to own. Even today, the Volkswagen e-Golf has overtaken the Leaf’s sales figures and it is surprising because the e-Golf is not a standalone EV car.

The e-Golf had just been updated to offer 124 miles of driving range and this is a big leap from 83 miles. It is pretty amazing as it allows the e-Golf to leap past the Nissan Leaf. The latter is still stuck at 107 miles.

Nissan has confirmed that they are now developing the next-gen Leaf but the fact that the car is still far away from its release makes the Leaf nameplate less attractive than how it was 10 years ago.