Nissan Leaf Shows How Flawed The Hype For Tesla Model 3 Is

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The announcement of the Model 3’s development from Tesla was met by a huge excitement shown by the masses. The green enthusiasts were all excited to see what the Model 3 will have to offer and they didn’t think twice in placing a pre-order deposit for the car.

Today, Tesla has accumulated over 300,000 deposits for the Model 3 and they are working day and night to get the development done and over with. For Tesla, they are hoping for the Model 3 to arrive next year as delaying the vehicle will mean delaying the green future.

Japanese carmaker Nissan happens to be not so pleased with the Model 3 as it only expose more contradictions. Nissan showed their frustration in a new web ad earlier today and you can see it in the picture above.

If you are to read the words on the poster, you can see that Nissan is questioning the public on why wait for the Model 3 to get released when there is already an opportunity to go green with the Nissan Leaf.

Nissan is raising a strong point here but what they don’t realize is that the Leaf has lost its attractiveness. Nissan needs to upgrade the Leaf and target 200 miles of driving range if they want to take the attention away from Tesla Motors.