Nissan Leaf SOFC Takes A Step Closer To Production!

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The rumours are rife in claiming that the next-gen Nissan Leaf is going to arrive with a new powertrain option and it is SOFC. Short for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, the technology is currently being developed by Nissan and it functions similarly to FCEV or hydrogen.

However, instead of fuelling with hydrogen, SOFC relies on bio-ethanol fluid produced by corns and sugarcane. The powertrain will then turn it into hydrogen before using it to power the electric motors.

Nissan revealed that SOFC is a lot safer than FCEV and this is easily because it does not keep hydrogen in the tank hence less risk of catching fire and explosions. Today, Nissan shared that they will be demonstrating SOFC technology at the Rio Olympics and it will signal the readiness of the technology.

If the feedback in Rio is good, Nissan will not waste time and will begin offering the SOFC powertrain with the next-gen Leaf. But of course, there will still be the standard EV option for those that prefers to play safe.