Nissan Leaf SUV: Another 40kWh Mistake In The Works?

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It is official. After successfully pulling the curtains off the next-gen Leaf, Nissan has proceed to develop an electric SUV that is based on the car and a concept will go on show at the next Tokyo Motor Show.

The name of the EV SUV is unknown at the moment but we can assume it to be very similar to the Leaf. After all, Nissan did mention that the EV SUV will be based on their prime EV hatchback.

This is certainly great news for every electric-heads as the EV SUV can further diversify the choices available in the electric market. However, one question does beg to get answered and it is will the EV SUV make the same 40kWh mistake like the Leaf?

The new Leaf debuted with a 40kWh battery and it led to a lot of disappointed faces since the battery pack is not enough to put the vehicle on equal footing with the latest Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Nissan said that they are reserving the 60kWh battery for a later date and it got the disappointed folks bashing Nissan for not launching the larger battery on the Leafs debut day.

With the EV SUV now considered as the next big thing from Nissan, will it debut with the same 40kWh battery or will the 60kWh power pack turns to the new basic?