Nissan Leaf Takes Out Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3 Next

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March has been a surprising month in the electric automotive market as it saw a change in tide on the sales front. Just when we saw the Chevrolet Bolt picking up sales momentum in January and February, the car experienced a slowdown in March last month.

The Chevrolet Bolt achieved 978 units sold in March and this is a few hundreds short of what the car has achieved in previous months. It gets more shocking when the ever-so-consistent Leaf posted a big gain in March with 1,478 units sold.

This is pretty huge, especially if you are to consider that the Leaf is an outdated EV car that is about to get replaced with a brand new model. The Leaf is also more expansive than the Chevrolet Bolt based on price per EV mile.

With the Bolt being unable to enjoy a dream start many expected of it, the Leaf can sail through on the sales front undisturbed before going over the moon with the next-gen model. At this rate, the biggest rivalry on the green market will only involve the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3.