Nissan Leaf To Take EV U-Turn For FCEV?

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Nissan can be commended for being an early bird in the trending EV market as they have been offering the Leaf for many years already.

The Leaf is one of the pioneers in the modern-day EV era and its success has brought out a second generation model last year. But despite the establishment of the Leaf as Nissan’s champion in the EV realm, the car may take on a different direction in the near future – in accordance to Nissan’s recent comments about FCEV.

Nissan revealed that they are hoping to introduce their brand of FCEVs next year as to not fall behind rivals Honda and Toyota. The move is also part of the Japanese initiative at being the leader of the world’s FCEV movement.

With Nissan being pressured to have a hydrogen-powered car for show within a year from now, rumours are claiming that the carmaker will resort to producing an FCEV version of the Leaf rather than a completely new different. And if this proves to be a success, Nissan will cease the Leaf’s EV nature in favour of FCEV.

Rumours should be taken with a grain of salt but you can’t write off the possibility of such an outcome. It will certainly be interesting to see which path Nissan takes for their FCEV program.