Nissan Leaf vs Chevrolet Bolt: No Threats For Old-Timer

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Back when Chevrolet launched the Bolt in December last year, many though that it will lead to the Leaf’s instant demise but the opposite happened. Nissan announced that the Leaf posted its best sales month yet and this was met with a lot of surprised faces.

It cannot be helped as the Bolt is a lot more attractive than the Leaf. The former has got 238 miles of driving range as opposed to 120 miles on the latter. The Bolt is also cheaper when measured by dolloar-per-range so how can it fail to make an instant impact in the EV market?

The good news here is that the Bolt immediately bounced back in January this year when it overtook the Leaf in sales. But even so, the Leaf is still selling at a steady pace, like how things are throughout 2016.

At this rate, the Leaf is likely to progress fine until Nissan launches the next-gen Leaf and that is when the carmaker can expect a sharp incline on the sales front. Who would have thought that an age-old car like the Leaf can do just fine when in the same segment as the Chevrolet Bolt?