Nissan Leaf vs Tesla Model 3: Time Should Not Be Hostage To Going Green

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The picture above is a screenshot we took when browsing the web and it is actually an advertisement from Nissan. The ad is about the Nissan Leaf and it caught our attention as the ad also involves the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Nissan is saying that the Leaf is already a good and established EV car and consumers should not wait to go green. Nissan also touch on the reservations needed to go green and this is not the case with the Leaf.

Obviously, Nissan is talking about the Tesla Model 3, which is still far away from its release but never stopped asking the public to reserve a unit today.

Nissan certainly raised some interesting points in their latest Leaf marketing strategy but they should also be made aware that the Leaf is falling out of favour due to its outdated offerings. The world is now demanding 200 miles of EV driving range hence a next-gen Leaf is needed.