Nissan Leaf Will Potentially Ditch EV Setup For Hydrogen

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Tesla’s Elon Musk has promised many things for the automotive industry but not all of them came true. Today, we can add another one to the list of unfulfilled promises and it is the future of EVs as a whole.

Elon has said before that EVs will replace gasoline entirely but we can’t believe this at 100% – especially after seeing a number of automakers favouring a completely different technology. Like how we gave it away in the title above, the technology is called FCEV and it relies on hydrogen.

Major brands like Toyota and Honda have both pledged to develop more FCEVs after seeing the Mirai and Clarity fulfilling their goals. Now, Nissan is joining the pack after they signed an agreement to invest on hydrogen refuelling station in Japan.

This agreement basically means that Nissan will soon bring out their brand of FCEV and join rivals Toyota and Honda in promoting the technology as the perfect alternative to gasoline, unlike how it is with EVs.

The setback with EVs is with the time required to recharge the battery pack, something which won’t be a problem for FCEV. The latter can fill up hydrogen at the same speed with gasoline.

It took Nissan a while to announce on their interest in FCEV and this could be due to the fact that the carmaker has invested heavily in EVs through the Leaf.

Nissan had just launched the new generation Leaf and it offers greater electric range. If Nissan is to strike gold with FCEV, we won’t be surprised if the Leaf is to ditch its traditional EV setup for the hydrogen-powered system.