Nissan Maxima Re-Writes Overpriced Label With Massive Loss In Value!

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The Nissan Maxima is a nice sedan you can buy but many are avoiding the vehicle due to the poor performing CVT gearbox as well as the high calling fee for a brand-new model.

The Maxima is priced slightly above the $30,000 mark and this is for the base trim that is lacking on the feature-front. If that is not bad enough, rival vehicles have more to offer for similar price.

This greatly explains why many enthusiasts have glued the overpriced label on the Maxima. But if you’re into getting a used vehicle, the Maxima may just be the car you will be tempted to get because the vehicle is currently the worst depreciating car from the ‘affordable’ market.

A research conducted by ISeeCars has confirmed that the Maxima can only hold 52.1% of its original value after 3 years. This means that the Maxima has got an average retail price of $18,867 in the used market.

This is a massive drop in price and it will only benefit those that wouldn’t mind getting a used vehicle that is only 3 years into its life.