Nissan Nismo Taking Inspirations From Mercedes-AMG & BMW M?

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The newly-launched Nissan Sentra Nismo may not be the most attractive choice in the segment it competes in but at least there are some positives which we can take from the car. Among them is the fact that Nissan is still showing interest in making sports cars and this is a big green flag worth noting.

It gets better today when Nissan announced that their performance arm, Nismo, will be tasked at developing more high-powered versions of their existing vehicles. A spokesperson from Nissan UK was quoted saying “loads more Nismo cars are coming”.

The details are unclear at the moment but judging from the sound of it, Nissan is hoping to make Nismo function like the M-division from BMW and the AMG from Mercedes-Benz. This is great news for those that love high performance cars as we can look forward to seeing high-powered versions of the Rogue, Maxima and even the Leaf.

But of course, Nismo will need to brush up their skills because the Sentra Nismo is clear evidence that they are really rusty on the sports front. Here’s to hoping for better sports car from the firm.