Nissan ProPilot Update Hints On Next-Gen Leaf?

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Nissan revealed that their autonomous project called ProPilot is about to go live and it will be released in the US. Like how it is with Tesla’s Autopilot, ProPilot utilizes a number of semi-autonomous features together with an advanced algorithm to allow cars to drive on its own.

The latest update on ProPilot happened earlier today when Nissan revealed that the system is highly likely to arrive in 2018. The ProPilot system is now in its final stages of development and it is well ahead of schedule.

For Nissan, this is something positive as it will give them more time to polish ProPilot before launching it. As for the rumours, they pointed out that Nissan refused to comment on how Nissan will launch the ProPilot. It got the rumours suggesting that a new Nissan Leaf is in development and it will debut together with ProPilot.

Of course, rumours are still rumours and it is best to take them with a grain of salt. However, the above does sound possible since Nissan has been really secretive when it comes to the development of the next-gen Leaf.