Nissan Rogue Can’t Save Nissan From Bad Economy

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The latest Nissan Rogue has been selling like hotcakes since its introduction here in the US and the vehicle even managed to bypass the Honda CR-V into becoming the bestselling vehicle in the segment it competes in.

Despite getting so much love from the public, the new Rogue is still unable to take Nissan forward on the business end. Nissan revealed that they have experienced 6% dip in profits due to the poor state of Japanese Yen.

The Yen has been struggling since the start of 2017 thus causing bad currency exchange. This is a big problem for Nissan as well as other Japanese carmakers as they have to absorb the currency losses.

It is also wasteful to know that Nissan is doing better on sales volume but their finance sheet is going south. Nissan revealed that they are working on a solution for this but no details were provided on how they are going to tackle the currency loss issue.