Nissan Rogue: Good Sales Cursed By Bad Exchange

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When it comes to popularity, Nissan is behind Toyota and Honda but they are still among the top carmakers in terms of volume. So when Nissan managed to top the sales charts from the Rogue, many expected Nissan to keep the pace going by moving forward in terms of volume.

But then again, not many are aware that Nissan is struggling with a hoodoo. Despite the new Rogue being a chart topper in the segment it competes in, Nissan is unable to leap forward on the profits run due to the poor exchange rates.

The failing Japanese Yuan has resulted in a decline on profits for Nissan and the carmaker is bummed out by it. It is not every day for Nissan to be at the top of things and whenever the managed to leap past their rivals, a problem will arise to prevent them from getting full satisfaction.

Well, someone should tell Nissan that the issue is not only affecting them but also Toyota and Honda. Nissan must not lose their motivation as they need to use the Rogue’s success to gain more influence in the market.