Nissan Rogue Highlights How Far Behind Mazda Is!

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Mazda is one of the most recognized brands in the automotive industry but when it comes to popularity, their cars are far behind the market average.

2017 has not been so kind for Mazda as the company recorded small sales on a monthly basis. The figures took a new low last month when Mazda revealed that they only managed to move 20,811 vehicles.

To get a better idea on how bad Mazda is doing, the Nissan Rogue has sold more units in October last month than the entre Mazda line-up combined for that same period of time. Nissan moved 30,286 Rogue and this is about 10,000 more sales than Mazda.

Being a fan of Mazda, we are particularly worried for the carmaker due to the shrinking volume. We would blame it on poor marketing that has turned Mazda’s cars into an afterthought despite their great capabilities. Mazda need to buck up or risk turning into a niche brand in the industry.