Nissan Rogue Surpasses Toyota Camry, Is This The Fall Of Sedans?

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You’ll know that something is clearly off when the Toyota Camry’s sales figures are behind a crossover. This is exactly what happened in August as the flagship midsized sedan from Toyota got overtaken by the Nissan Rogue on the sales front.

In figures, Toyota moved 30,246 Camrys last month and this is about 4,100 units behind the Rogue. The Camry rarely lost a sales month to a Nissan vehicle and this is why we are surprised with August sales figure.

It is also worth noting that the Camry has always been the world’s bestselling midsized sedan hence its decline is a clear indication that sedans are no longer popular.

But then again, we find it too early to write sedans off as a dead segment and this is because Toyota has yet to commence selling the next-gen Camry. Once the future model comes out, we can expect the sales figures to bounce back.