Nissan Titan Still Sells Despite “Un-American” Outfit!

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The Nissan Titan is a full-sized pickup truck that is being sold here in the US and it is having a tough time at grabbing a respectable slice of the market share.

This cannot be helped as the Titan is a vehicle from Nissan and not from one of the local’s big three. Here in the US, where the majority of consumers that love pickup trucks are also huge patriots, they will either settle for RAM, Chevrolet or Ford instead of a vehicle from a foreign brand.

But the situation is gradually changing for the Titan as the vehicle posted gains after gains on a monthly basis. As of March 2018, Nissan has moved 61.7% more Titans in terms of YTD. So why the sudden change of heart from the consumers? It’s not like the Titan suddenly got better.

Well, the reason for this is because of Nissan’s attractive financing package. Nissan knows well that competing in the full-sized pickup truck scene in the US will put them at a disadvantage and the only way to find success is to attack at a point that matters most – finances.

If the Titan can have an attractive financing scheme, consumers will be more willing to consider the vehicle instead of completely writing the Titan off. It is pretty much the same situation for any other vehicles that are actively being sold by Nissan.