Nissan Titan Wants To Cheap Out In 2018!

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The latest generation Nissan Titan is designed to offer a performance that can rival the likes of Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado but that is still not enough for it to enjoy significant sales improvements.

When it comes to sales of the Titan, the numbers are marginally lower than the F-150 and Silverado, and this is something Nissan wants to address next year to ensure the survival of their pickup truck.

Today, we came to learn that the solution for the uncompetitive sales is through making the Titan more affordable than before. Nissan revealed that they will be offering the Titan with a new V6 engine next year but it will only happen once the next-gen Ranger has made its debut.

The power figures of the new V6 engine are unclear at the moment but it is expected to drag the base price of the Titan down by a margin of 30%. That is a huge drop in price and if it is true, then it may allow the Titan to pursue big volume sales in 2018.