Nissan’s First FCEV May As Well Be The Leaf!

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The Nissan Leaf is one of the most recognized EVs in the world and this is due to the vehicle being an early bird in the current EV uprising. The Leaf has been around for a long while now and it is perhaps the first affordable electric car to welcome a second generation model.

But if you think there’s nothing more to the new Leaf than just a good-looking car with a decent city performance, you could be wrong. Nissan made a pledge last week to develop their own FCEV powertrain – a move which is being called for by the Japanese government.

Unlike how it is with Honda which already has the Clarity and Toyota which has the Mirai, Nissan has yet to offer an FCEV product in the general market.

Today, rumours from Japan suggests that this will be changing later this year and the swift timing for Nissan to launch an FCEV product is owed to the use of the Leaf as the base vehicle.

The word is that Nissan has decided against the development of a brand new model that can operate on FCEV and will use the Leaf instead. Such a method will allow them to save time and it will also suggest that the FCEV setup will have a setup that is largely similar to the current EV blueprint.

But of course, the above is based on rumours and they should be taken with a grain of salt. If the reports are true, we can expect Nissan to drop the details at a major motoring event in Q3 this year.